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MDF Technologies Inc. designs collections for women's wear and wedding dress etc. We also help apparel manufacturers, store, fashion department stores or those that follow established fashion trends to create winning collections to attract customers and develop market strategies.

MDF Technologies Inc. provides related service like textile and fashion design that encompasses manufacturing of fabric designs, yarn designs, color development, styling, presentation, cloth sampling and production. Our creativity, stylish, well-defined and contemporary patterns and designs are constantly in accordance with the evolution in fashion and textile industry needs and show difference in the fashion standards.

Enables our great contact network in China, MDF Technologies Inc. supplies a fast track to offshore manufacturing or does production in China for the customer in the apparel industry.

MDF Technologies Inc. commercializes the apparel CAD software for the fabric and style designs.

The founder of MDF Technologies Inc. has over 10 years of experience in fashion textiles and garment industries, together with designers work in fashion studio for wedding dress to create a successful image and technical support in apparel CAD software for worldwide clientele.

MDF Technologies Inc. has its headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with offices in P. R. China.


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